[lead]Your favorite web design & web hosting team at Patna is quite excited to put some facts and figures about all we did in year 2013. Here we are going to do quick recap of all milestones & goals we achieved in year 2013.[/lead]

240+ Customers

A phenomenal 60% increase from 150 customers ending 2012.

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550+ Domains

Now powering more than 550 domains from client’s across Bihar Jharkhand & India.

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6+ Own Cloud VPS Servers

Managing more than half dozen CLOUD VPS servers to power our client’s website all servers are high end & uses SSD storage for faster data retrieval.

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99.91 % Uptime

We gained great average server up-time with our server management capabilities.

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New Products

We launched SEO packages for small & mid sized business to boost their online presence.

VPS Launched on CLOUD platform, buy robust vps hosting in Patna.

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4600+ Fans on Facebook


Apart from the above we would also like to recap some memories like we attended several events & workshops to sharpen our skills and keep our knowledge blazing updated on the changing Web & Internet world. We sponsored several educational & social events for social cause in Patna.

We also owned Trademark & SSL Certificate to gain your confidence as a part of our goals and now processing online payments over SSL. We would like to thank everybody for making us Webx99 the best website design agency in Patna, Bihar. As you can see we did some really cool things together with you, our customers. And the coming year 2014 promises to be even more exciting.

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Author: webxvivek