Android Mobile app new TARGET API Level Requirements Explained

Android Mobile app new TARGET API Level Requirements Explained

Android Mobile app new TARGET API Level Requirements Explained

Are you looking for solution to the recent Target API Level requirement set by google play for android mobile apps? In this article let's see what this new notice means for your existing app and what API level should you target for developing new android mobile app for your startup or business.

1st let's understand What is target API and minimum API in android app development?

The android app has a target API level and a minimum API level configuration which is set during the development of android mobile app. The target API level is the Android API version that the app is built for and works best on or tested to work on. The minimum API level is the lowest Android API version that the app can run on meaning the minimum android version it can be installed. This means that the app can run on devices with Android versions equal to or higher than the minimum API level, but it may not use all the features or have the best performance on devices with Android versions higher than the target API level.

What is minimum Target API Level requirement currently for android mobile apps

If you are owner of an android mobile app you must have received giving you time to release a new app with current minimum target api level which is set by google to 33 (equivalent to android ver. 13). If you don't publish new build/ version with latest required target api level set by google you won't be able to publish any update in your play store listing. Also your app will not be discoverable via play store on phones running newer android version from your target api. In other words you must rebuild and update app with current android versions in order to be able to be available for newer android phone users. 

As per Google's notices sent in play store console:

From 31 August 2023, if your target API level is not within one year of the latest Android release, you won't be able to update your app.

Why is this done ? As per google this step is been taken to provide users safe and secure experience. 

How to update your android mobile app to target latest target API level Requirement

Your app's SDK level depends on the devices your target audience uses. You can set a higher SDK level if most of your users have newer devices. But if your users have a variety of devices, old and new, you may need to set a lower SDK level to make sure your app works well on all of them.

Depending on the technology stack you have used to build your app such as flutter, ionic, cordova your developer will be able to rebuild the app , test it and release an update in play store to comply with play policy. You will have to find technology specific instruction on how to update the target api level requirement in your android app project source files. If you are looking to seek professional help in modifying , rebuilding and testing your app with new target api requirement feel free to reach us, We have been providing android mobile app development in Patna, Bihar for more than 10 years. Our team develops android and iOS mobile apps using flutter , ionic, react native & Cordova stacks. 

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