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If you are not familiar with Zoho Mail than read our previous guide to know more about ZohoMail.

How to choose the right Business Email

Using Zoho Mail for your domain on Mobile Phones on the Go.

Zoho Mail can be accessed via POP/ IMAP from the standard email clients. The administrator can enable or disable the access via POP/ IMAP for the user accounts based on the organizations requirements. The POP/ IMAP configuaration details are given below:


  • Incoming Server Name :
  • Port : 993
  • Require SSL : Yes
  • Username :


  • Incoming Server Name :
  • Port : 995
  • Require SSL : Yes
  • Username :

Outgoing / SMTP

  • Outgoing Server Name:
  • Port : 465 with SSL or 587 with TLS
  • Require Authentication: Yes

Configuration instructions for some popular email clients:

IMAP: Outlook | Thunderbird | Apple Mail | General

POP : Outlook | Thunderbird | Apple Mail | General

Once the new emails have started coming to your webmail, you can configure the email clients you use, to start receiving emails in them.

Your favorite Email. Available on mobile app stores.

Zoho Mail Admin App

Zoho Mail Admin App is designed to help administrators to manage their admin tasks from anywhere. You can manage users, reset user passwords, manage group membership and much more from this mobile app.

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