IMPORTANT: Impact of Heart Bleed on your accounts

IMPORTANT: Impact of Heart Bleed on your accounts

IMPORTANT: Impact of Heart Bleed on your accounts

Since there was a computer security bug known a few days back that we all had to worry about is a week security flaw in OPENSSL.

Earlier this week, security researchers announced a bug or security flaw in OpenSSL, a very popular data encryption standard, that gives hackers who know about it the ability to extract huge amount of data from the services that we use every day and assume are mostly secure with SSL technology.


Steps that we have taken:

  • Webx99 Team has updated the OpenSSL packages installed on all our Linux shared hosting servers & VPS Servers.
  • You might have been feeling a 5 min average downtime on our servers.

Steps that you have to take:

The Heartbleed bug makes it practically impossible to detect history of damage, but to be on the safer side, we strongly recommend that you change your Domain or Hosting control panel passwords.

If you have purchased both hosting and SSL Certificates for an installation from us, or any vendor you have to re install the certificate to be on safer side.

Webx99 technical team will do all steps for you if you are having managed service or website package with us. Nothing to worry as we are highly concern about security of our customers website.

What is the Heartbleed bug?

Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, the open-source encryption standard used by the majority of sites on the web that need to transmit data users want to keep secure. It basically gives you a “secure line” when you’re sending an email or chatting on IM. Additional details can be checked at .

If you need any clarification do contact our support team.

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