DLT SMS API Integration in Patna Bihar

DLT SMS API Integration in Patna Bihar

DLT SMS API Integration in Patna Bihar

What is SMS API?

SMS API provides interface to any mobile app/ web app to send SMS programmatically. It is used widely in interactive web applications and mobile apps for purpose of validating Mobile number or to alert user with order status/ booking status etc.

Our agency is providing SMS API integration in Patna since very long to our e-commerce, customized web application clients we have provided mobile app development.

What is DLT Registration? Why It is Required to deliver SMS in India.

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) telemarketers and everyone sending SMS to Indian mobile numbers must register and follow guidelines under DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) It is being used in the public interest to counter SPAM sms.

Recently you might have heard of  DLT Registration and compliance in order to get SMS either transactional / OTP delivered via api/ msg panels. This is a guideline forced by TRAI, govt of India. And in most cases all sms via api/ software is being not delivered from 1st of April 2021.

To know more about DLT refer to your message provider website help/ guides:


How to get SMS API working again?

There are many step involved from DLT registration, Header registration, SMS template approval and changes in Software/api.

As this requires changes to your application API/ codes. We are providing support at affordable cost to integrate DLT compliant SMS in your website/ mobile app. 

If you have requirement of SMS API integration in your PHP website/ web application contact our web development team for discussion. Or if you are willing to discuss on new Website Designing, Customized Application Development or Mobile App Development in Patna feel free to contact us for discussion.

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