7 reasons to avoid Cheap Hosting for your WordPress Website

7 reasons to avoid Cheap Hosting for your WordPress Website

7 reasons to avoid Cheap Hosting for your WordPress Website

You have just started a new business and trying to build a website for your business or startup first thing you do is to register a domain name. That’s great starting point many of you try to build a website yourself and start looking for web hosting or wordpress hosting if you are trying to build a website on WordPress.

Picking the right web host for your wordpress website specially if you want not to invest a lot in starting your website may become tricky on whom to go with. However settling with a cheap web hosting company may not be a wise decision in long term.

If you wish to choose a professional web design company to guide you in this go grab some help. Here are top 7 reasons why we recommend choosing web hosting wisely and not settle for cheap wordpress hosting.

1. Unreliable Website Performance

Many shared web hosting providers don’t care too much about your website performance and not use fast storage medium such as SSD and other server resources. Also while selling some web hosting company over sales resources to multiple hosting clients degrading your website performance hosted on same server day by day.

Also not optimised backend software stack location of server could be affecting the website performance. Server location can be very crucial based on use case you should choose web hosting server which is nearest to your most of target website visitors. Slower website load time effects user experience also hampers your SEO negatively as google ranks faster loading websites’s higher compared to poorly loading slow websites.

2. Frequent Downtime

As web hosting company start’s selling web hosting to too many customers on same server you will start noticing slower loading of website and occasional downtime as server resource is busy serving some other requests factoring the resource limits applied to your account. Specially on busy time’s your website might get down when you have a surge of visitors increasing the load on shared server.

3. Low quality Support

Sometimes you may encounter a problem with your wordpress website and might need help to configure your domain to work with hosting, or may be facing issue with wordpress itself. Many Cheap web hosting company focus on selling web hosting and they might not be available to provide support when you need it.

4. No Backup/ Manual backup Option

Usually when it comes to cheap shared web hosting they don’t care much about your website reliability and they either skip automated backup at server level to avoid extra cost for storage. Think about a situation when your site data is deleted accidentally by you or for any other reasons you are at your own. Some company may provide you option to backup manually and the responsibility is at your shoulders only to be prepared for such situations. Few other hosting company might be taking periodic backup but when you ask them they might charge you for the same.

5. Unable to Scale Easily

Most of the time shared or cheap web hosting is not easily scalable as the website traffic increases they will suspended/block your website for higher resource uses reasons by hidden terms of service/ fair use policy violation. In such case not only your site is taken down they can force you to choose higher plan/ upgrade to there other products with very high margin. If you not wish to continue with them you loose the money already paid as advance for rest of the subscription in most cases.

6. Hidden Cost/ Overcharge

Most of the times cheap hosting company will onboard you with huge discounts and later start charing you huge on renewals. Even they start selling add-on’s like SSL, backup service etc at huge prices. Some web hosting company will trick you in buying some useless product or services that you might never need or use at huge prices. So beware of such company selling you initially at very cheap but charging later exponentially higher than usual.

7. Website Security Issue

Website security may even not in your mind while purchasing web hosting to build a website on wordpress but It has been seen that wordpress because of it’s popularity is frequent target of hacking attempts. So consider security measures and monitoring done by your website hosting provider before buying web hosting from them. You may have heard of reports of venerability in outdated server software or wordpress plugins that cause website’s to be hacked and you may loose website data, search engine rank or even reputation due to compromise. Shared web hosting are more venerable compared to VPS/ WordPress Cloud hosting which is managed and monitored by security experts.

Going for very expensive WordPress Hosting Plan is not required always you should consider potential website visitors count you might have and get your requirement assessed by a Web hosting expert before choosing a provider or plan. If you want to get reliable Web Hosting you can connect with one of our web hosting solution expert who can suggest you the best WordPress hosting provider. We recommend to avoid cheap Shared web hosting or wordpress hosting instead you can get Cloud WordPress Hosting from us that we offer on high quality DigitalOcean or AWS infrastructure.

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