5 Reasons to Choose PWA for your Startup MVP

5 Reasons to Choose PWA for your Startup MVP

5 Reasons to Choose PWA for your Startup MVP

You are going to dive in to the startup and planning to build your Web app, Mobile app or even both. You would have to make decision to choose technology stack for building your 1st app to test your startup Idea. If you have good seed funding to spend on your prototype or MVP app you will have many option to build website, android mobile app and may be even IOS mobile app also. Technology choice for mobile app development such as React, Flutter, Ionic are few popular ones to choose while building cross platform native mobile apps for android and IOS. But the cost of building a simple app with good foundation & planning can go in lacs.

So what to do if you have very limited budget to spend on your prototype app? Choosing PWA/ (Progressive Web App) might be a good choice for you to build mobile optimized app that can also be published as android app and even IOS app.

So what are PWA/ Progressive Web Apps?

PWA are actually website/ web application optimized for mobile for speed and uses web technologies and features supported by web browsers. Because you can build PWA with one code base to build website/ web app you can add many mobile app like capability to your web app. And even UI/UX can be designed in such a way that it can look similar to mobile app.

PWA technology is been promoted by Google since 2015 with the growth of smartphone users, PWA apps can even send push notification, get Geo Location from mobile device and do more. PWA can now be published in Play store and app store hence might be good idea for startups to build their early version of app with web technology only.

What features PWA bring in compare to traditional websites?

1. Faster Performance

The PWA (Progressive Web App)has enhanced caching capabilities and app can be optimized to load very fast even on smartphones and on mobile networks. After initial load pages can load very quickly.

2. Can Work Offline

PWA can be built in such a way to even work offline on poor network connection and sending of requests can be handled when network connection is back again. This is very useful while filling any form and connection is lost in between with PWA technology form data can be sent to server when connection resumes.

3. Can be installed from Browser

While loading in browser pwa can be installed in smartphone with one tap and the app is installed in device with correspondent app icon just like any Android/IOS app and can be accessed from app drawer in smartphone.

4. Increase in User engagement

Because the PWA technology makes any website/ web app faster to load which ultimately brings huge positive user engagement and improves conversion rates also.

5. Single Code base for Web & Mobile App

As you just build app for web browser PWA can work on android and Ios as mobile app and in browser as web app in this way you can save huge cost of developing and maintain multiple apps due to single codebase.


With the experience of building multiple PWA app for many startups which has thrived particularly in ecommerce industry you can understand the pros of choosing PWA for your startup. It can cut down your cost by more than half in choosing any app technology for app development.

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