Using Zoho Mail for your domain on the Go

If you are not familiar with Zoho Mail than read our previous guide to know more about ZohoMail.

How to choose the right Business Email

Using Zoho Mail for your domain on Mobile Phones on the Go.

Zoho Mail can be accessed via POP/ IMAP from the standard email clients. The administrator can enable or disable the access via POP/ IMAP for the user accounts based on the organizations requirements. The POP/ IMAP configuaration details are given below:


  • Incoming Server Name :
  • Port : 993
  • Require SSL : Yes
  • Username :


  • Incoming Server Name :
  • Port : 995
  • Require SSL : Yes
  • Username :

Outgoing / SMTP

  • Outgoing Server Name:
  • Port : 465 with SSL or 587 with TLS
  • Require Authentication: Yes

Configuration instructions for some popular email clients:

IMAP: Outlook | Thunderbird | Apple Mail | General

POP : Outlook | Thunderbird | Apple Mail | General

Once the new emails have started coming to your webmail, you can configure the email clients you use, to start receiving emails in them.

Your favorite Email. Available on mobile app stores.


Zoho Mail Admin App

Zoho Mail Admin App is designed to help administrators to manage their admin tasks from anywhere. You can manage users, reset user passwords, manage group membership and much more from this mobile app.


How to choose the right Business Email

In the world where branding matters today most of the business including start- ups  to large enterprises want to use business email on their company or brand’s domain name like or Today we would be discussing  how to choose the right business email solution so that you can be assured for your data when you use personalized/ business email.

Which EMAIL SERVICE/ Solution is good for you?

Ease of use , while choosing business email you should keep usability with respect to user interface, convenience to reset passwords  and facility to access email on mobile and other platform like android, ios etc. Almost all popular email services now a days could be accessed on phones. Also budget, customer support, email security, server type or infrastructure should be kept in mind. As per our recommendation You should be choosing any email services from the list below except CPANEL / SHARED Email service as password reset or user management can be only done by person with access to CPANEL or hosting account also he have access to all person’s emails including files.


Webx99 Enterprise Email Lite


Google Apps

CPANEL/ Email Shared Hosting


5 GB/ per user

10 GB/ per user

30 GB/ User/ per month

Depends on your hosting space











Branding (Your Logo/Name)








Very Good


Admin & User management






Enterprise Level

Enterprise Level

Google Security

Limited to your Shared hosting


INR 40/ user/ month

Rs. 150/ user / month

Rs. 300/ user/ month

Rs. 300/ month (5GB plan)

* Comparison is provided as per data on the day of creation of the above sheet Pricing or features might  change with time.

As our recommendation is to use Business email service which provides storage on CLOUD for service availability and security at the first priority. At this point CPANEL Email fails because of security reasons, spam and other limits applied on shared hosting. Migration / secured backup of CPANEL Email is also not usually brand-able or can be branded to your company name or logo.

Both Business Email offered by Webx99 and ZOHO comes with free plan you can choose to opt for free version and upgrade later when you grow. We offer 2 free email with every domain and zoho is offering 10 free email accounts as free plan, but our paid email plan comes at INR 40/user per month beyond free but with ZOHO you would be charged for every account at INR 150/user / month beyond 10 users for all users including 10 which was free. If you have any confusion or you want to know more ask us we are here to help you choose the right business email service for you. Or you can buy our Enterprise grade Business email right now.

Any Confusion? Consult our web solution experts in Patna bihar to get free consultation on choosing the right email service we also offer free migration from traditional or legacy email services.

Startup Guide for E-Commerce Website Design in Patna, Bihar

Internet Changing Life Style

Internet Changing Life Style

The world’ is moving faster with the help of Technology in all sectors from health, transportation,  education, economy etc, Technology has enriched every sector with it’s power. It has changed the experience of people interaction, social life, shopping style and almost every aspect of life. More and more people are going online connected with internet for their education, business, entertainment etc. As the internet users has exploded in a decade a new era of shopping experience has come to life called ONLINE Shopping, in this world where cities are crowded with traffic internet has bought almost all product at buyers mouse click or to a touch of finger. India is fasted growing internet user population in the world as studies has been reported this year, E-Commerce website is the new place which is virtual to people where they shop for products.

As E-Commerce has evolved in India and with it’s success all small and big players are making their online website store to sell their products to consumers. This is a guide for business and start-ups seeking correct information to start their new E-Commerce website or bring their existing business online with their online store in Patna, Bihar.

What you will need to setup your online Business using E-Commerce website for your brand or business?

There would be two type of cost to successfully establish and run your e-commerce website.

First type of charge would be recurring cost to keep your website active which includes cost for DOMAIN Name/ Your website name and Web Hosting service.

Second type of cost would be One time E-Commerce Website Design & Application Setup cost. Which includes the charge an expert web designer or developer would charge you for creating your online web store. This cost should include development or setup of your website along with payment gateway system to process online payment a Store Admin to manage products in your website, process orders you receive etc.

Apart from above mandatory charges you might consider opting website maintenance, support and security services for your website.

How much should an E-Commerce website should cost you to start with?

Cost would actually depend on the developer and the complexity of your e-commerce website, but normally a developer/ web design agency can charge you 20 thousand and above all services required. Price might change City wise or web design agency wise.

If you are a business owner from Patna, Bihar or any other city in India and looking for a complete Managed E-Commerce website solution you should look the pricing and features along with some awesome e-commerce website managed by Webx99 Team from E-Commerce website Design page.

Our complete E-Commerce website solution starts from INR 25,000 only. Don’t be shy! ask a free quotation.

View Details Request a free Quote

What do next after you have successfully established your online e-commerce website?

Getting your e-commerce website designed and running what should your next step to boost sales and customer trust for your online business. We shall be writing tips and guidelines to promote your website through several online and offline tools and marketing ideas which should cost less to your marketing budget. Stick to our website for the next article at our blog, till than you might consider following our official Facebook page to keep yourself updated with more web design tips and howto articles to bring success to your online presence. If you have any querry regarding this article or you need more information simply contact us by email or phone.